Dec. 4, 2018 

Will Cold Weather Damage My Vehicle Wrap?

Both in the summer and wintertime, extreme weather conditions can have a negative impact on a vehicle wrap if you don’t take measures to protect it.

Now that it’s cold out, you might be wondering how to protect your vehicle wrap from the winter chill and dropping temperatures, and luckily, it’s not very complicated. With just a few general maintenance tips and techniques, you can rest easy knowing that your wrap will be in excellent condition after the frost melts and the sun comes back out.


Don’t Scrape Away Ice

When the weather gets cold, ice can accumulate on the surfaces of our cars. Typically, our first inclination is to grab an ice scraper and get to scraping. While this can be a fast and easy solution for ice removal, it’s not necessarily gentle on your car, and it’s especially not great for vehicle wraps, particularly window graphics. Vinyl wraps will last a long time, typically five to seven years, with proper care and maintenance. But just like your vehicle’s paint, they won’t take well to getting scratched and scraped.


Cleaning Your Vehicle Wrap

Windy, snowy, and rainy conditions are the perfect conditions necessary for a dirty vehicle wrap. It might be cold out, but keeping your car clean will extend the life of your wrap. If you wait too long to clear the muck away, then it will be harder to remove debris and build-up. The extra pressure needed to clean your car can end up damaging your wrap. If you clean your car and keep it clean regularly, you can avoid harsh scrubbing and abrasiveness, which can cause peeling and tearing.


Clear Snow Before It Freezes

In order to prevent snow from turning into ice on your vehicle, be sure to clear it off as often as you can. If it’s left unattended for too long, then it will stick to the vinyl material of your wrap, making it hard to clear away without potential damage to the wrap. Snow is much easier to brush off and remove before it’s had time to solidify and freeze.


Keep Covered

It may not always be an option to park in a garage, under a carport, or in some other covered parking, but if there is, be sure to do so. That way, you can avoid harsh winter conditions from affecting your wrap. Additionally, be sure to park strategically, like not parking your car under trees that are being weighed down with snow, since branches are likely to snap under pressure. The last thing you want is a heavy branch falling onto your vehicle and damaging even more than your wrap.


Have you experienced any problems with your vehicle wrap this winter? If you have questions or need some help fixing up your wrap, GameTime Wraps of North Little Rock can help you out. You can stop by anytime or give us a call at 501-771-9727. We can’t stop winter weather from happening, but we can help you avoid wrap damage that the season can sometimes bring.

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