June 24, 2019


A vinyl vehicle wrap is a great advertising investment because of how long it will last with proper care (up to at least five years!). However, five years can be a long time to stick with the same wrap design. If you’re promoting services for a business, you might what to take a different advertising approach, update your contact information, or even rebrand entirely. Maybe your logo went through a redesign or you have expanded to offer more services. Whatever you want to change, it will require you to switch out your wrap. 

If you have questions about what this process is like, such as if it’s safe for the exterior of your vehicle, then you’re in the right place. Here is a quick walkthrough of what it looks like to remove a vinyl vehicle wrap so you can have a new one applied. 


Removing a Vinyl Vehicle Wrap

When it’s time to remove a vehicle’s wrap, it isn’t as simple as peeling it off; we aren’t dealing with stickers. There is a reason why we refer to it as a removal process, not a one-and-done deal. It takes time, but that doesn’t mean it is a difficult process to carry out, especially for professionals. Most of the time, a wrap removal is an easy procedure that won’t cause any damage to your car’s paint or exterior surface. 


It takes heat and patience to remove a vinyl vehicle wrap, and when the wrap is removed, we have to make sure no residue is left on your car. We work section by section to make sure the removal process is clean, quality, and leaves no damage. 


Causes of Removal Damage

Sometimes damage does occur upon removal of a vinyl vehicle wrap, usually because of an improper installation, use of wrong chemicals (such as primer), or improper care on the vehicle owner’s part. Another cause for damage is using an company who doesn’t have professional experience and isn’t reputable. There are easy way to reduce the chances of your vehicle being damaged from a simple removal process, however.


First and foremost, make sure you find a wrap installer who has successfully installed and removed wraps in the past. A professional will know how to prep your vehicle correctly, both when installing and removing vinyl. This is a critical step in ensuring your vehicle is well-taken care of. You also play a big role by properly caring for you vinyl vehicle wrap after it has been applied.  Proper care includes knowing how to clean it, what products you should avoid, and also knowing when it’s time to remove the wrap. Leaving one on for too long can cause damage as well!


Preventing damage from occurring to your vehicle by vinyl removal is easy to do; it starts with a wrap installer that uses high-quality materials and their working knowledge. At GameTime Wraps of Central Arkansas, we pride ourselves in our ability to install and remove wraps the right way. Whether you’re installing one for the first time or switching out the old with the new, we can get you taken care of.


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