Sept. 6, 2018


As a consumer in today’s world, we are often overwhelmed with an endless list of choices.

In fact, we have so many things and places to choose from, we find it increasingly difficult even when it comes time to decide where to eat.

That’s why memorable advertising is so important to gaining (and keeping) customers. Often times we decide to use a service or buy into a product because we remember some form of an advertisement like a car wrap. Car wraps are an effective tool to use in order to reach a lot of people, at all hours of the day. Here’s why it would be a smart move for your business to invest in a wrap for the company vehicle.


Car Wraps Will Be Seen

Commercials are great, but they are also really expensive, Most small and local businesses don’t count on them as a way to build brand awareness — that’s okay. Commercials usually get muted, turned off, or skipped through. How often does your family watch an entire commercial without skipping over to another channel or looking down at your phone? As much as we hate traffic, we owe it thanks when it comes to car wraps. A well-designed wrap is a perfect thing to look at while you’re stuck in rush hour, and it can’t be turned off.


You Decide How Often to Advertise

Have you ever seen a billboard get up and move locations? No, they can’t do that. Similarly, a newspaper ad is limited to a specific newspaper. A car wrap gives you the power to decide when and where to advertise. After all, cars are made to drive. A mere trip to the gas station will guarantee your business is catching someone’s eye. Plus, cars are still visible when they’re parked, which means your ad will be too.


Worth the Price

Car wraps are a great long-term investment. They last anywhere from seven years or more, plus their mobility makes for maximum visibility. Billboards cost you monthly renting fees and are often overlooked. Radio ads can get expensive and can be a hit or miss, especially in the age of streaming music. Wrap graphics are affordable, pay themselves off, and are sure to be seen.


Cuts Down on Unnecessary Staffing

Sometimes, businesses don’t have the budget or the need for a full-out marketing department. Hiring staff specifically for sales and advertising may cause you to lose focus on other aspects of the business. A wrapped vehicle can help free up time and allow your employees to use their talents elsewhere, while still creating the opportunity to promote and advertise.


When it comes to promoting your business, a one time gig just doesn’t cut it. With car wraps, you’ll have the power and flexibility of deciding where you want to advertise and when you want to do it. You’re not limited to one geographical location or one newspaper page. Instead, you’re in an eye-catching vehicle that catches the attention of anyone near you on the road. Interested in wrapping for business? Call us at 501-771-9727 or come to see us in North Little Rock to get started.