August 20, 2019

When To Not Wrap Your Car | Car Wraps In Little Rock

There are many reasons drivers get their cars wrapped. Car wraps in Little Rock can be used for style, advertisements, and more. 

However, there are a few things car wraps can’t do. At Gametime Wraps we will make sure your vehicle is good to be wrapped. Here is why. 

A car wrap could make a cosmetic issue worse. 

It is never recommended that you use a car wrap to conceal a blemish on your vehicle. 

Peeling paint? The wrap sealant may grab hold of the peel and make it worse. Rust? The wrap won’t stick to rust on a car. The rusted area could just get worse. 


Imperfections will stick out. 

Dents and dings? Those will only be accentuated once the wrap is applied. This is especially true if you are applying a design, not a solid color to your car. 

A solid color will show dents, dings, and scratches just like a paint job would. 


You’ll need to fix cosmetic flaws before applying the wrap. 

Cars need to be in good condition to be wrapped. Go over each panel of your vehicle (the team at Gametime Wraps can help). If you have any minor imperfections, get them fixed. It will be much less of an issue once your wrap is applied. 

Peeling paint is the most significant issue to watch for. The strong, 3M adhesive we use to apply the wrap will grab hold of the paint. Like a sticker, it could take a small corner of peeling paint and spread the peeling across the whole panel. 


Keeping your vehicle blemish-free is often easier with a car wrap.

All you need to clean your car once it has been wrapped is a microfiber cloth and a safe cleaner. It can’t be power washed, but a quick wipe down will do the trick. 

A paint job would require more maintenance. The gloss from a paint job needs proper upkeep for the car to maintain its value.