Feb. 13, 2019

What Kind of Cars are Best Suited for Commercial Vehicle Wraps?

If you’re in the market for a new business vehicle, then you likely have a list of qualities and characteristics you’d like it to have in order to serve its purpose.

Maybe you’re considering budget, color, gas mileage, and size, but have you thought about which cars are suitable for commercial vehicle wraps? If you’re wanting to get a vehicle for work purposes, chances are you’d like it to represent your business and brand, which is exactly what commercial vehicle wraps can do.

Clients and customers will think you’re much more legitimate when you show up for a job in a vehicle that has your business’ information on it, rather than something that’s unmarked and not representative of anything. Imagine the delivery guy showing up in a truck with no restaurant logo or any indication of who they work for…it’d be a little confusing. Make sure that doesn’t happen to you by investing in a company car that is suitable for a wrap.


Consider car color with brand colors.

You might be wondering what the color of a vehicle has to do with its suitability for wrapping; the literal answer is nothing. We can install a commercial vehicle wrap onto any colored car. However, for aesthetic purposes, you might consider the color for the sake of consistency. A red car might not look good if you brand colors are green and yellow, even with a wrap covering parts of it. It might look best to have a vehicle that’s a neutral color, so it’ll go with whatever wrap design you decide on. Plus, that will draw the focus to the wrap and what it says versus catching attention simply because of all the different hues.


Prominent shapes can enhance a wrap.

The shape of a car can come into play to work in combination with the wrap’s design, resulting in eye-catching, attention-grabbing commercial vehicle wraps. The angles and curves of a vehicle can work in favor of a design; after all, art takes into consideration these various elements. Bold shapes paired with bold designs will surely have all eyes on you.


Thoroughly inspect used vehicles.

It’s no secret that buying used cars can be a huge cash saver. Plus, depending on your budget, there are often vehicles to choose from that are like-new with very minimal wear. We aren’t here to tell you that you shouldn’t buy used-far from it. However, make sure you thoroughly inspect the exterior of the vehicle for scratches, dents, and scuffs. Commercial vehicle wraps will absolutely look best installed onto a smooth surface without damage, otherwise the imperfections will show through. Of course, if you find the perfect vehicle with a small ding on an area that you do not plan to wrap, then go for it, as it won’t be an issue.


Interested in Commercial Vehicle Wraps?

No matter what kind of car you’ve got, when it comes to commercial vehicle wraps, we can hook you up if you’re around Central Arkansas. These are simply ideas for how to maximize wrap impact on a car, although it’s probably safe to say that any wrapped vehicle is going to stand out next to one with a standard paint job.