October 19, 2019

What Goes Into Designing a Little Rock Car Wrap?

At Gametime Wraps, we design, print, and install car wraps. You drive around your demographic and potential customers in central Arkansas all day. Why not get your business out there? With the right kind of car wrap, your business will get more exposure than ever before.

Designing a wrap requires some thoughtful advertising techniques, working with a one-of-a-kind canvas, and high-resolution photos so adjustments can be made. 

Here is a brief breakdown of how we make your vehicle wrap dreams come to life. 


Assessing the vehicle. 

Before we can design anything, we need to learn all we can about the vehicle. Sure, trucks are trucks and sedans are sedans. Just because we’ve designed wraps for many other similar vehicles does not give us a complete idea of how to work with a vehicle for a new project. 

Some designers use pictures to start off their design process. Since every crevice and bend needs to be taken into account for a truly fitting design, what better way to visualize than to have the real vehicle photographed bumper to bumper? 

Sometimes the imperfections on the vehicle could make all the difference. It is much better to know about them before getting into the design process. 

It’s never a good idea to design a wrap solely based on the manufacturer’s templates of the vehicle. 


Designing with a purpose. What does your wrap need to accomplish? 

Even though we are eager to get started, it is never a good idea to jump-start a design before meeting with the client. 

You need a car wrap that strongly showcases your brand. Viewers might only have a few seconds to process your car wrap. 

To design a good wrap, our designers make sure they are on the same page as our clients. We are here to offer design advice — after all, we’ve designed a few car wraps before — but the decision is all yours. Once you understand the basics of what we’ve seen work well with other, similar car wraps and what we can do for yours, you can make an educated decision on the kind of design you’d like to see on your vehicle. 

For example, the design will be most effective if it is clear and concise. Your business has a lot to offer, but a cluttered wrap won’t be getting any messages across to your potential customers.  

We see your vision. The call to action is established. All your branding details are in place. It’s time to design!


It’s time to deal with the files. 

Car wrap designers have much to consider as far as bringing their design to life.  The design will be wrapped around the car using vinyl print-outs. These print-outs need to be accurate and flawless. As they go through the design process, there are many angles to consider.

The files used to tell the printer what to print are complex and frustrating to get used to at first. The files need to be large and leave plenty of room for error and bleed. 


The design is adjusted to take vehicle details into account. 

Designers take their design and apply the details of the vehicle. Details include all those crevices, bends, and imperfections we documented before. Looking at the design from every and any angle will help give us an idea of how the design will look once it has come to life.