What Are the Most Effective Calls to Actions for a Vehicle Wrap?

What Are the Most Effective Calls to Actions for a Vehicle Wrap?

Whether you’re wrapping one vehicle or a whole fleet, your mobile advertising has to be made for a purpose! You don’t just want sweet graphics (although it’s a plus!) on your company vehicles; your goal is to drive traffic to your business and capture leads every time you fire up the engine. But how do you know what makes for an effective call to action for your vehicle wrap design? We’ve got some tips from the pros!

Keep It Simple

You want your customers to be able to follow your call to action in as few steps as possible. If your call to action requires more than one or two steps, it’s time to rethink and simplify your approach! After all, it’s most likely your potential customers will see your vehicle wraps in traffic or at a red light – with very little time to react. Even when your vehicle is parked, you want to make sure your customers don’t get lost in the lead maze and that you’re capturing as many contacts as possible. Pair your call to action with a quick, easy-to-follow tool like:

  • A Quick Response (QR) Code. Customize a QR Code to take customers straight to a landing page on your website. All they have to do is open their smartphone’s camera app and scan the code to be taken to a branded lead capture form.
  • A Telephone Number. Nothing’s better than getting a real human being on the phone to answer your questions and get the process started. Connect potential customers directly with your sales team to capture information and start developing a relationship.
  • A Short, Memorable Web Address. Keep it short and sweet, like www.yourbusiness.com/car. If your web address doesn’t make sense or is two miles long, it might be time to reconsider your domain choice or go with a different call to action.
  • A Social Media Hashtag. With a creative vehicle wrap and a short hashtag, you can drive customers to your social media presence to see photos of your team’s great work! Make it specific enough to ensure customers get to your social media channels and make sure they’re optimized to drive people to visit your location or website for more information.

So What Makes for a Great Call to Action?

You’ve got your tool of choice ready to go with a snappy landing page, a dedicated phone number, or a custom QR code. So what do you say to get your customers to click, call, or scan?

Great calls to action are short and promise a quick payoff. That means your customers will have easy and immediate access to the information they need or the solution you provide! The best calls to action:

  • Give Something Back: Whether it’s the promise of a discount or a free service like roof inspections or home energy audits, people love a great deal! Attaching an incentive to your call to action will not only increase the number of conversions you make, it will also help you to track how many people are reaching out because they saw your vehicle wrap. 
  • Make it Easy: Every button your customer has to click or step your customer has to take decreases your likelihood of converting the interaction to a sale. Make your call to action easy to follow – and easy to follow up
  • Start a Conversation: Static lead-catchers like landing pages and contact forms can be great for capturing information – but less great for closing the deal. You want your customers to have a great experience from start to finish, and you want to start developing that relationship with them as soon as possible. Even if the “conversation” is just a follow-up email after they submit a contact form, you want to be sure you’re responsive and the first interactions with your business are dynamic.

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