March 10, 2020

Ways to Get Your Company Car Noticed

The average American spends 37,935 hours in a car over the course of their life. 

 That’s 4 1/3 years! Over that time, their eyes will (hopefully) be on the road – and on the cars around them.


That means that every day you’re on the road is an opportunity to get seen. But how can you get a company car noticed among dozens of other cars on that section of the road?


The answer is simple – take the opportunity to make your vehicle eye-catching. Here are some ways to do it.


Get Printed or Cut Vinyl Graphics

One of the easiest and most cost-effective way to get your car noticed on the road is to use printed or cut vinyl graphics. You can have artwork, colors, your logo, or other attention-grabbing graphics can be placed on highly visible places on the vehicle. 


You can have letters spelling out your motto or a funny pun, and you can choose single-color icons, shapes, or graphics as well. 


These can be door graphics, artwork or words on your bumper or truck tailgate, or your contact information along the side of your car or van. Even a little bit of advertising can go a long way when it comes to your vehicle standing out in the crowd!


Magnetic Car Signs

If you don’t want to go with vinyl graphics right now, magnetic car signs are another option. These signs can have your logo, contact information, or a saying or motto for your company.


Magnetic car signs have the benefit that you can take them off if you don’t want to be using them – although the more you advertise the better! However, if you remove and put them back often, you have to be very careful about aligning them each time. Having a crooked sign is very unprofessional!


The biggest drawback is that a magnetic car sign doesn’t look as professional as vinyl graphics or wraps. As a result, it can give prospects a lower view of your business than you deserve. 


If you can, you should choose vinyl! 


A Partial Vinyl Wrap

Vinyl wraps are a great option for branding your vehicle and helping it get noticed on the road. A company car wrap really pops. However, sometimes you don’t want to start with a full wrap. A partial vinyl wrap can give you many of the benefits of a wrap with a lower price.


A partial work vehicle wrap can give you a polished, professional look that you’ll be proud of. You can include brand colors, your logo, and contact information. 


The original paint of your vehicle will still be exposed on 25% – 75% of the car, so it’s important that your paint fit well with your brand colors and intended design. If you have a black car, a partial wrap can really stand out. However, if you have an unusual truck or car color, it may be challenging to make a partial wrap work. 


You can use a wrap just on the door, or on the doors and front of the vehicle. It doesn’t have to be solid, either – using a shaped wrap against black paint can look incredible, and give you a coverage that looks more extensive than it is.


You can also do a partial wrap along the length of your car to showcase your company name, logo, or phone number. Another partial wrap idea would just cover the back of the vehicle, so anyone behind you gets your company information.


A Full Vinyl Wrap

If you want something that really makes your car, truck, or van attractive, you have to go with a full vinyl wrap. This type of wrap gives you the most space to showcase your company name, brand colors, logo, and more. 


Another great benefit of a wrap for company cars is that you don’t have to worry about the underlying paint color. A full wrap is less expensive than a custom paint job, and it lasts a long time as well. 


The full vinyl wrap will completely transform your vehicle into an attractive advertisement for your business. You can have 3-D images, designs at any angle, and a variety of calls-to-action to encourage prospects who see the vehicle to contact you.


You can also use your full vinyl wrap as a selling point – customers will have no doubt who is arriving at their home or business to do work. It’s a great security feature so no one gets taken advantage of.


Get a Company Car Wrap Today

There are a lot of reasons to get company car graphics to help your vehicle stand out. People spend so much time in their cars that a business truck with gorgeous graphics can function as a moving billboard. 


Those who spend time in your market will see your car, truck, or van often – make the most of it!