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Make bold statements that drive engagement and draw the eye with custom wall graphics and signage in Little Rock and around the state! Our team has years – and literally hundreds of thousands of square feet – of experience designing and installing eye-catching vehicle wraps, gymnasium floors, and custom wall graphics and signage in Little Rock. Put that experience to work in your business – inside and out!

Vehicle Wraps Little Rock Arkansas

Whether your business has one car, a dozen vans, or a fleet of trucks – custom vehicle wraps and graphics turn heads in every time and location. A well-done vehicle wrap can help you build brand awareness with every trip.

GameTime Wraps of Little Rock, AR offers a wide selection of vehicle wraps and graphics including custom car signage in your company colors that can be installed on your car, van, motorcycle, boat, or other vehicles.

Vehicle Wraps-Arkansas Style!

Colorful images of your products and full-vehicle wraps display your company’s message on every side of your vehicle for maximum visibility. Car decals allow you to place contact information and logos on your company vehicles for a more low-key look. Car magnets provide visual impressions without a long-term commitment. GameTime Wraps custom-designs and creates magnetic signs and vinyl vehicle wraps to help you showcase your company name, logo, and contact information, no matter where your vehicles travel.

Personalize your vehicle with company information or any other image or text you’d like. Taglines, logos, phone numbers – all of these options can up your sales and your local brand awareness. Car decals and full vehicle wraps are just a few of the options that will put your vehicle to work for you. Consult with GameTime Wraps for all your vehicle wrap and graphic needs.

What Types of Vehicles Can be Wrapped?

We’re not bragging when we say we can wrap any vehicle you bring to us! We’ve wrapped cars, vans, and trucks of all shapes and sizes. We can also wrap motorcycles, boats, RVs, electric bikes, scooters, planes, drones, even radio control (RC) trucks and cars! If it flies or drives, we can install a customized work of vinyl art on it.

How Much Do Vehicle Wraps in Little Rock Cost?

All of our vehicle wraps are completely custom to order. We’re not trying to be elusive when we say the cost depends completely on what you’re looking for.

The location of the wrap (full car, one side, hood or door decorations, etc.), the complexity of your design, the size of your vehicle, whether you’re buying one wrap or considering a bulk purchase, the timeline, the material and finish you choose – they all influence the cost of your final product. Your final cost could be anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

For a quote on your dream vehicle wrap Arkansas style contact GameTime Wraps today! All quotes are cost and obligation-free!

What Types of Material Are Used in a Car Wrap?

In the simplest terms, the majority of vehicle wraps are made out of heavy-duty vinyl with an adhesive backing on one side. The addition of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is what gives the vinyl that extra strength, making your vehicle wrap Arkansas weather strong. For flexibility, we use plasticizers, which allow the wrap to withstand the contractions and expansions that occur as a result of temperature fluctuations. It also allows us to cover scrapes and bumps on your vehicle

How Long Do Vehicle Wraps Last?

When wraps first became popular years ago, cracking and fading was a major problem. We’ve come a long way over the past few decades and advances in technology like heat stabilizers and UV absorbers, you can enjoy your wrap for up to 5-7 years with proper care and maintenance.

Can You Get a Wrap If Your Vehicle has Chips, Dents, or Other Body Damage?

Yes, your can! Any type of dent, blemish, or scratch can be covered by a vinyl car wrap. Wraps are designed to shrink down and form a tight contour to the surface of the car, no matter the shape or condition of the vehicle. This can be an excellent way to cover surface-level scratches and fading or other damage to your paint job. With fresh scratches, it can also prevent rust from contaminating your finish and spreading because it fills that little gap in the paint.

However, it is important to remember that since it does contour to any dips or curves, the wrap can sometimes bring more attention to a large dent – especially if the wrap is solid colored instead of patterned.

If you have any questions about vehicle wraps in Arkansas, just contact GameTime Wraps for your free quote! We’re happy to help you realize your vision from concept and design to the finished product!

Bold, Long-Lasting Vinyl Graphics and Signage

Vinyl wraps and signage have earned their long-standing status as the standard for high-quality looks and long-lasting durability. This isn’t your craft store desktop machine cranking out “Live, Laugh, Love” – our industrial machines produce graphics and signage of every size in full color. Whether you need custom wall graphics and signage in Little Rock or anywhere in the state, we deliver:


  • Bold Visual Impact: Full-color, richly-designed signage that makes a statement, whether you need a new sign on your front door, to cover your storefront in engaging displays, or to give the interior of your business a fresh new look that pulls the customer in and sets the tone.
  • Extreme Durability: Our custom wall graphics and signage don’t peel or crack with changes in temperature and humidity, can be UV-treated to prevent fading from outside exposure or intense indoor lighting, and stand the test of time.
  • High Versatility: Cover a gym wall with feats of athletic ability, create a welcoming spa entrance with images of deep meditation, guide visitors through a museum or art exhibit, or consult with our experts to meet your unique business needs – we can bring your vision to life!
  • Excellent Customer Experience: We provide expert service from start to finish on all of our projects, designing your customers’ experience and installing graphics on-schedule for low- or no-downtime processes that keep your business running.

Engaging Visual Experiences 

Bold custom graphics and signage do more than catch the eye of passersby. We help you create opportunities for engagement and excellent experiences with your business that keep them coming back! Wall graphics and signage can also help you:


  • Prepare Your Clients and Customers to Buy: Build trust and set the tone as soon as your clients, customers or visitors enter your space. Tap into consumer psychology by building excitement around your products or services.
  • Engage Your Team with Your Values: No one wants to work in a bland, flat office space with white walls as far as the eye can see. Reinforce your values and energize your team with spaces that come to life.
  • Brand Your Space from Top to Bottom: You spent time and money crafting your brand to tell a story – put it to work with stunning wall graphics that tie it all together! Infuse your brand identity into the space where your business lives.


Need inspiration? Check out our gallery to see the big ideas we’ve brought to life!

Consultation, Design, and Installation from the Experts

We’ve designed and installed everything from door signs to outdoor wall applications to gym floors and stadium graphics – literally hundreds of thousands of square feet! Our designers and creative team have amped fan bases in the stands and on the streets. Now we’re standing by to help you create your own band of raving fans. If you have a vision, we can help you execute it; if you’re not sure what your business needs, we can help you create something remarkable! 


When you work with Gametime Wraps to create your business’s bold look, you’ve got expert help at every stage – from conception to installation. You don’t need an in-house graphic designer, another contractor to build out your signage, or the ultra-rare free weekend to try and apply your wall graphics and signage yourself. We’re all on the same team – your team!

Call for a Custom Quote

Ready to put our creative minds to work? Every project gets our full attention and a custom quote. Contact us today to start your journey to bold custom wall graphics and signage in Little Rock and beyond!


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