Top Tips for Selecting the Right Car Wrap Company

Top Tips for Selecting the Right Car Wrap Company

When it’s time to make a big impression on your community, you want to choose the right car wrap company to design killer graphics and professionally install them on your fleet – from one car to hundreds! How do you know when you’ve found the right car wrap company? Look for these characteristics to make sure you’ve chosen the right partner for your business investment!

Quick Turnaround Times

Your fleet drives your business. And that business can’t run if your vehicles are stuck in a shop or on a lot waiting for a wrap. Look for lead times and production times from the car wrap companies you’re considering so you know exactly how much downtime your fleet might experience! At Gametime Wraps, we’re dedicated to a quick turnaround. Our team of pros can get your car wrapped in no time – often in and out of the shop in a single day! We design eye-catching wraps in full color and whip up graphics in the blink of an eye. Most importantly, we make sure all the details are covered before we call you in for your car wrap. That way, your installation isn’t waiting around for production.

Make sure your car wrap company makes the same promise – quick installation with up-front and realistic estimates on when your work is scheduled and how long it will take. Time is money in the business world – select the right car wrap company by making sure none of yours will be wasted. 

Quality Work You Can See

Make sure the car wrap company you’re considering has samples of their work that you can see! Don’t settle for stock photos from manufacturers – look for other local businesses on your car wrap company’s website or in their showroom. If your car wrap company isn’t proud enough of their work to put it on their website – where anybody can see – there might be a flag on the play. At Gametime Wraps, we’re absolutely psyched to show off our work in a full gallery right on our website. If you need more specific examples or concepts, we’re always happy to send you photos of our latest projects from partial-wrap graphics to full-car wraps to killer graphics at sporting complexes. 

When you partner with Gametime Wraps for your car wrap, you’ll get a full mock-up of your car wrap to see how the design will fit your work vehicles before we apply the wrap to your cars. We believe in quality work you can see – you’ve probably already passed one of our car wraps on the road! Check out our online gallery to see the awesome work we do (and let us name drop some of our satisfied customers)!

Professional Installation You Can Trust

When it comes to a custom wrap for your car or business fleet, you need to know that you’re putting your business in the very best hands. Look for certified installers or manufacturer certifications to ensure you’re dealing with pros. Some paint and body shops might offer car wraps, but you want to choose the right car wrap company by going with a specialist in the field. You also want to work with pros who walk the walk – check to see how much experience your car wrap company has designing and installing vinyl wraps!

At Gametime Wraps, we’ve installed literally hundreds of thousands of square feet of vinyl wraps on cars, vinyl signage on exterior and interior walls, graphics on sporting complex floors, and more! Our installers are Lowen Certified, meeting the highest industry standards for vinyl and graphic installation, and trusted partners that have earned the 3M Preferred Graphics Installer distinction. 

Put Your Gameface On with Gametime Wraps!

When it’s time to update the look of your business vehicles – whether it’s one car or a full fleet of trucks and trailers – we’ve got you covered! Trust the professional designers and installers at Gametime Wraps to give your business a professional look on the road and get the attention of thousands of potential customers every day. Contact us to start your engines on a new car wrap today!