Jul. 19, 2019

Are There Restrictions When it Comes to Installing a Vinyl Wrap?

It’s common to see vinyl wraps on cars when you’re driving down the road; so common, that you might not think twice about any laws or restrictions that might be in place about vinyl wrapping.

People get vinyl wraps installed for all kinds of reasons like promoting a service, product, or business, as well as to personalize their vehicle in a way that suits their personal style. However, depending on where you live and what kind of customization you are wanting done, there are usually some kind of laws in place that will affect the final result.

Luckily, the restrictions in place are typically minimal and just for safety. However, it’s always encouraged to check your local laws to ensure you are planning a wrap design that complies with regulations. This way, there won’t be any surprises later on the down the road.

Visibility Must Not Be Reduced

No matter where you’re located, it’s probably safe to assume that it is illegal to have a vinyl wrap or decal in an area that blocks your view of the road. This is an important thing to consider when placing graphics on the rear windshield; while you may have graphics on the rear glass, they cannot cover the entire view of the road.

In Arkansas (including the Russellville area) specifically, it’s illegal to have decals on the front windshield unless they’re required. Even then, there are rules about where they can be located and they cannot obstruct a driver’s view of the road. When it comes to your wrapping a vehicle, safety comes before anything.

There May Be Parking Restrictions

If you are a business owner who has a vehicle with a vinyl wrap for advertising purposes, then you might run into some restrictions when it comes to where you can park your vehicle for lengthy periods of time. There may be advertising restrictions in place about parking on the streetside or driveway in certain neighborhoods or rules about on parking overnight in parking lots. Of course, if you have a garage or car cover, you can easily conceal your graphics at home to avoid breaking any rules.

It’s also important to note that your vehicle should be registered for business use if you are going to fully wrap your vehicle for business promotion.

Check Your Existing Insurance Policy

When it comes to installing a wrap on your car, one person you may want to check with your insurance agent. While most insurance companies won’t have any hard-and-fast rules about wrapping your vehicle, it’s better to be safe than sorry. You can review your policy, your insurance’s website, or call a representative to help you out. They may have guidelines you have to follow to ensure the value of your car doesn’t deteriorate.

If you’ve checked to be sure you won’t be violating any potential regulations, then you are ready to have a vinyl wrap installed! We can help you with that by giving us a call at (501) 771-9727 or by dropping in at our Maumelle location.