Vehicle Wraps In Little Rock 

Gametime Wraps proudly serves the city of Little Rock. We wrap vehicles and install decals for establishments all over the city.

Little Rock is located in the center of Arkansas. Our most central highway, I-40, cuts right through the middle of the state. It passes directly through the center of Little Rock. 


Little Rock is humming with attractions and locally owned businesses. Here you’ll find local businesses that have served the city of Little Rock for decades. But, the city is still growing, there is no shortage of new establishments waiting to be explored. 


Explore the great outdoors. 

Arkansas is the natural state. So, of course, the capital city reflects the state’s commitment to outdoor attractions and protected scenery. 


Our first recommendation is The Arkansas River Trail. This trail gives you a tour of the whole city. It runs in a 17-mile circle, primarily anchored at the Clinton Presidental Park Bridge. The trail has five pedestrian/bicycle bridges. Along the trail, you’ll see all Little Rock’s best attractions. 


In Little Rock, you are never more than a few minutes away from an outdoor attraction of some sort. Whether you love to play volleyball in the sand, play basketball on a paved court, or perhaps you enjoy picnics, you’ll have plenty of options all around. 


Need somewhere to start? Allsopp Park accounts for a big chunk of space in Riverdale, running all the way to Kavanaugh. This park has a popular tennis court, playground, basketball pad, pavillion, picnic tables, and much more. 


Walk far enough on one of the Allsopp trails and you may find yourself walking the sidewalks of Kavanaugh. 


Welcome to Hillcrest!


Head towards the locally owned and operated. 

Hillcrest is a great place to find locally-owned shops, restaurants, coffee, and more. The Hillcrest side of Kavanaugh hosts a popular pizza place, Damgoode Pies. You should also take a gander at the lovely coffee shop, Mylo Coffee co. This coffee shop is known for its beautiful dining area and one-of-a-kind baked goods. 


Love to shop? Take a moment to step inside Box Turtle. What might look like a simple home from the outside is actually a three-story shop with an eclectic array of items for sale. Find things for kids, the latest fashions, locally-made jewelry, and more. — Don’t be alarmed if you are greeted by one of their four-legged employees. On occasion, these pups will be out and about the store ready to help guests anyway they can. They are very polite and accustomed to the busy shop. 


Take time to eat. 

There are many, unique restaurants to choose from in Little Rock. From the beautiful Table 28, located inside The Burgundy Hotel, to the popular-for-a-good-reason Local Lime, located inside the Promenade at Chenal, Little Rock has something for you. 

@ The Corner is a locally owned, modern diner in the heart of Downtown Little Rock. It serves breakfast, lunch, and brunch. You won’t regret indulging in the nearly healing experience of having breakfast at @ The Corner. Find it at 201 E Markham St.

Give yourself some extra time and stop by Nexus Coffee and Creative. It’s located the next block over, at 301 President Clinton Ave B. — Another must-see coffee shop in Little Rock. 


Find more food at the River Market.

On the weekends, you’ll find Downtown Little Rock buzzing with locals and tourists taking advantage of all the River Market has to offer — this makes it a great place to drive if you are advertising with a vehicle wrap from Gametime Wraps. Wander inside the central market hall to find a wide variety of foods from all around the world. Take part in the Little Rock Scavenger Hunt: Big Fun In Little Rock


The River Market hosts the Little Rock Farmer’s Market. This public market is held weekly from early May to late September. 


Find fun and entertainment. 

Little Rock has three splash pads. These splash pads offer a cooling outdoor activity that is fun for kids — of all ages. 


  1. At 5511 W. Markham St. you’ll find the War Memorial Park playground. You’ll find lots of fun here. The park’s splash pad has a waterfall, slide, and a beautiful arrangement of rocks to climb on. 
  2. At the Ottenheimer Plaza, you’ll find the Peabody Playground and Splash Pad. Parents wishing to stay dry will have plenty of shade to sit in while they supervise the fun. This splash pad is part of the Riverfront Park.
  3. The third splash pad is an extension of the Peabody Playground and Splash Pad. It is designed specifically for toddlers ages five and under. 


Don’t miss Riverfest!

A Little Rock tradition, Riverfest is held at the First Security Amphitheater just outside the River Market — and beyond. Look for dates in late May, but get your tickets soon.


What Type Of Vehicles Do We Wrap?

Whether your business has one car, a dozen vans, or a fleet of trucks – custom vehicle wraps and graphics turn heads no matter the time or location. A well-done vehicle wrap can help you build brand awareness with every trip.


GameTime Wraps of Little Rock, AR offers a wide selection of vehicle wraps and graphics including custom car signage in your company colors that can be installed on your car, van, or other vehicles. Colorful images of your products and full-vehicle wraps display your company’s message on every side of your vehicle for maximum visibility. Car decals allow you to place contact information and logos on your company vehicles for a more low-key look. Car magnets provide visual impressions without a long-term commitment. GameTime Wraps custom-designs and creates magnetic signs and vinyl wraps to help you showcase your company name, logo, and contact information, no matter where your vehicles travel. 


Personalize your vehicle with company information or any other image or text you’d like. Taglines, logos, phone numbers – all of these options can up your sales and your local brand awareness. Car decals and full vehicle wraps are just a few of the options that will put your vehicle to work for you. Consult with GameTime Wraps for all your vehicle wrap and graphic needs.


Serving Little Rock Businesses With Quality Vehicle Wraps


With GameTime Wraps, you can make your company, product, or service look larger than life! Whether you apply your logo to your company vehicle from fender to glass, wrap a van in your company colors, or adorn a truck with life-size, eye-catching product images, full-vehicle wraps will display your messaging on every side of your vehicle for maximum visibility. 

Use vehicle wraps to take your message and brand on the road, turning your vehicles into moving billboards that broadcast your brand message everywhere they go. 


Why Use Vehicle Graphics in Little Rock?


According to the Interstate Advertising Corporation, 74% of motorists are positively influenced by companies and products advertised on trucks. By advertising with your company vehicles, you can generate up to more than 600 visual impressions for each mile you drive, according to the American Trucking Association. That’s a lot of impressions! And a better ROI than almost any other branding mechanism out there – including social media. 


Retail and service company vehicle wraps have been popping up all over Little Rock in the past few years. Most notably, the local TV and radio stations. Have you ever wondered why it’s such a popular marketing tool for those specific industries? Because it boosts viewership and their on-air personality name recognition! You may have also seen pharmaceutical companies or service companies with fully wrapped vans and vehicles. That’s because they are aggressively using vehicle advertising to make their brand a household name.


In a city the size of Little Rock, about 200,000 people – you can get as many as 50,000 views per day. If you drive on, or park near, the major interstates and thoroughfares, your impressions could increase exponentially. Whether you want them to call or visit your website or store, you can make the information they need to follow through easily accessible and memorable. Companies all over the country are recognizing and utilizing the cost-effective and attention-grabbing magic of vehicle wrapping to reconnect with their existing customers and attract thousands of potential customers.

The GameTime Wraps Facility


GameTime Wraps HQ is located in North Little Rock, but we are thrilled to serve clients in Little Rock, Maumelle, Conway, and the surrounding Central Arkansas areas as well! If you live or do business in the Central Arkansas area, we invite you to come visit our top-of-the-line commercial vehicle wraps shop. We have 3 brand new 60” HP Latex printers, 2 Graphtec plotters, and 2 GFP laminators, all of which we can use to bring your vision for your brand to life.


GameTime Wraps can help you design a vehicle marketing program that will increase your brand recognition and grow your business. You can trust our highly-skilled and qualified in-house design team to take your ideas and turn them into a roadworthy, eye-catching, memorable visual experience. We offer a truly full-service experience – graphic design, proofing, printing, installation, and maintenance.


From delivery trucks and service vans to matching company cars, we can help you make sure your branding and company identity are aligned across your fleet. Once we nail down a design that meets your requirements, it’s our job to get you back on the road ASAP. Turnaround can be as quick as next day – you’ll literally be increasing your visibility overnight! 


If you have any questions about Little Rock vehicle wraps, contact the pros at GameTime Wraps for a free consultation – we can help you conceptualize, design, and implement the perfect vehicle marketing solution. 

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