How to Protect Your Vinyl Vehicle Wrap from the Sun

How to Protect Your Vinyl Vehicle Wrap from the Sun

Summer months see a huge uptick in time on the road! From joy rides in sunny weather to family vacations and trips to the lake, Americans spend more time in their cars during summer months than any other time of the year. This means your mobile advertising is more visible than ever when the sun is highest and brightest. And that means you need to keep the following tips in mind to protect your vinyl vehicle wrap from the hot summer sun.

UV Rays Can Be Harmful to Vinyl Wraps Year-Round

While we often think of the hot summer sun posing a threat to swimsuit-clad beach-goers and vinyl-wrapped cars alike, UV rays pose a year-round threat. That means you should keep these tips in mind for regular protection against the sun at all times. UV rays and heat can damage vinyl vehicle wraps by fading the color and/or baking dust and dirt particles into your wrap. That can turn your mobile advertising investment into an eyesore without proper care and attention. But don’t worry! There’s plenty you can do to protect your vinyl vehicle wrap and your business’s image – even when it’s brightest and hottest.

1.Keep it Covered!

The best way to protect your vinyl vehicle wrap from the sun is to keep it covered! Try to park in the shade as much as possible when you’re driving around town. Keep your wrapped vehicle under a carport, in a garage, or under shade trees when you’re parking at home. For consistent and reliable protection, consider buying a car cover and using it as frequently as possible to protect your wrapped vehicle at all times. This care and attention will leave your wrap vibrant and looking like new for up to seven years!

2.Wash Frequently

You don’t have wash your wrapped vehicles every day, but removing any dust or dirt from your vinyl wrap (in addition to avoiding direct sunlight) will prevent the sun from baking brown spots into your vinyl wrap. A quick dusting around the bottom parts of your car when you park it for the night will make a world of difference. Wash your wrapped vehicle – with the appropriate cleaning solutions – once each week for best results. A clean, shiny car will not only project a professional image for your business, it will also protect the wrap!

3.Use a Vinyl-Safe Wax

Apply a vinyl-safe wax from 3M or Meguiar to give your vinyl wrap a protective coating that guards against potentially harmful UV rays. Pay attention to the ingredients in your wax, avoiding fillers or other properties that could stain your vinyl wrap. A good wax job should last one to three months; make sure you wash your vehicle thoroughly before waxing and check the wax coat each time you wash.

4.Consider a Sealant or Ceramic Coating

You can have a paint/vinyl sealant or ceramic coating applied to your vehicle for ultimate protection. Sealants and ceramic coatings should be professionally installed over your wrap for the best results. These protective layers often have the added benefit of making your vehicle’s top layer hydrophobic, making it easier to keep your vehicle free of dirt and dust and easier to dry after washing. These hydrophobic properties also protect your car from tiny dirt particles in rain and splashes from the road.

5.Repair Any Damage Immediately

Damage from rocks, wear and tear, and other road hazards can wreak havoc on your vinyl wrap. While professionally-installed vinyl wraps are highly durable, holes or other damage can seriously affect the integrity of your wrap and even threaten damage to the underlying paint or finish. When you notice damage, take your car to a reputable vinyl wrap installer to see if the wrap needs to be repaired or replaced.

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