May 28, 2019

How to Manage Car Wraps in the Spring

If you’ve looked outside lately, you’ve probably noticed how quickly your car gets covered in grime. Yellow, dusty pollen and other plant matter get carried in the wind and then settle onto any surface in its path.

It’s irritating enough as it is to have pollen layered over your vehicle, making it appear yellow despite its true color. It’s even worse when you’ve worked so hard on designing a car wrap that is now barely noticeable because it’s so dirty, simply because of the spring season.


Even though Arkansas gets plenty of rain to wash the pollen away, it makes a comeback as soon as the weather is clear. So, how is it possible to keep car wraps clean during the spring?


Frequent Hand Washing

No, we don’t mean frequently washing your hands will keep your car wrap in good shape. (Although, you should wash your hands as necessary). When you have pollen and grime build-up on your vehicle every single day, you’ll need to wash your car more often if you want your wrap to be legible and clean. It can feel like an extra chore to do so, but you might want to stick to hand washing your vehicle, rather than automated washes. By hand washing, you ensure you’re being gentle on the wrap material.  


Prevent Build-Up

If you start to neglect you vehicle and put off washing it for too long, pollutants will start to build-up on its surface-we have all seen this happen (hopefully not on your own car). For whatever reason, someone has left their vehicle unwashed for so long that there are layers and layers of grime. If you can “write” your name onto a vehicle by erasing away the dust, then you have a problem. Don’t invest in a car wrap just to let it sit and get covered in dirt. Make sure to regularly clean off insects, bird droppings, and anything else that could lead to a stain if left over time.


Use Less Products

To extend the life of car wraps, opt out of using lots of different cleaning products and waxes. Vehicles seem to get dirty overnight during the springtime, so it can be tempting to grab the nearest cleaning product and start scrubbing away. However, cleaning products and waxes can be harsh on car wraps, especially if used frequently. Soapy water and soft rags are your best bet, as they will be gentle on vinyl.

Caring for Car Wraps

As you may have noticed, managing your car wrap (even in the spring) is really very simple. You don’t need to buy different products to clean your wrap. Instead, just commit to a consistent cleaning schedule to help your wrap last as long as possible.


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