Feb. 13, 2019 

How to Get the Most Out of Your Auto Wrap

If you’re looking into getting an auto wrap, then you probably already know the many benefits they can have when it comes to advertising, promoting, or even simply aesthetic purposes.

Whatever your reason, if you want one, then you probably don’t need anyone to tell you why they’re so great. However, it can be hard to actually invest in one if you’re concerned about the price tag. While it can seem like a lot to spend initially, the payoff is well worth it when you know how to get the most out of your auto wrap.

So, just how do you get your money’s worth out of such an investment when you do decide to take the plunge?


A well-kept auto wrap can last many years.

By now you may know that auto wraps can last up to five, even seven years. When you purchase something, it’s nice to know that it’s going to last you a long time. It makes the upfront cost a much more justifiable purchase if you think about how a lot of advertising methods require monthly payments to secure a spot, such as in a newspaper or on a billboard. That recurring payment might not seem like a lot the first or second time, but after years, it can add up.

Keep in mind, however, that how well you maintain your auto wrap will play a big role in its lifespan. If you get a new wrap and neglect to care for it, don’t expect it to last long and look good. Cleaning a car with a wrap isn’t hard, but special care is required to ensure you don’t damage the material. Check out our blog for tips on how to care for your wrap and expand its longevity!


Keep your design simple.

Even though you have full control over what your design looks like, we suggest keeping it simple. Why? Because when you stick with a simple design, you’re more likely to like it five years down the line. This ultimately can save you from having to get a replacement simply because you no longer like the first one. If you’re hoping to save money, simple and practical is the way to go. Otherwise, you might find yourself with a design that used to be trendy, but no longer suits you or your needs.


Use the right company for the job.

This step is super important because if you choose a wrap installer that does a lousy job, then you are off to a bad start from the get-go. Choosing the right company for the job requires a little work on your part. Look at reviews, ask around, and look at work done by each place you’re considering. A combination of these things will give you an overall idea of who to choose. One bad review (or one good review) isn’t always enough to get a feel for a company’s reputation, so utilize your resources to ensure you’re going to leave with a perfect auto wrap.

We may be biased, but we sure do think our guys at GameTime Wraps in North Little Rock can provide you with exactly what you’re looking for. But of course, you should check us out for yourself.