April 1, 2019

How to Choose Colors for Your Vinyl Wrap Design

Choosing colors for your vinyl wrap design is one of the most exciting parts about it. 

The colors you choose will help to bring your design to life and help convey the message you want to get across. Since a vinyl wrap will be seen while in motion, it’s important to make it stand out among every other car on the road. It’s even better to be seen from a distance, so you’ll be looked at on approach, as opposed to glanced out without a second thought.


We can all agree that bright colors stand out (and sometimes, they stick out like a sore thumb). On the flip side, using only neutral colors in your design will most likely have people passing by without even looking at your wrap. When choosing colors for your design, there has to be a balance between over-the-top and a snooze-fest. We’ve got you covered.


Start with brand colors.

When designing a vinyl wrap for business purposes, you can use your brand colors as guidance for the entire wrap. You might be lucky enough to have a few colors in your company logo, which can be enough to design your entire wrap with. Or, you may just have one solid color that represents your business. If this is the case, you might pair a basic black or white with it to make the wrap stand out and add some contrast.


Then, choose colors to complement your brand.

One of the worst color choices you can make are ones that clash with your brand. If your brand logo is bright red, bright purple might not be the best choice you can make to compliment it. While you can’t change your brand colors (unless it hasn’t been established yet), you can make wise choices about what to pair with them. As long as you’re making decisions with a keen editing eye, you should be in good shape. Always make sure you have a purpose for the choices you make, so that things won’t end up looking jumbled and confused.


Avoid ones that will be hard to see.

As a reminder, you want your vinyl wrap to be at least slightly legible even when moving at a fast speed. This means you’ll want to avoid using light colors on light backgrounds without making sure the font or object is large enough to stand out. You wouldn’t want to use a pastel blue on a pastel yellow background in font so small it blends right in. It’s all about making sure colors contrast enough to be visible and differentiated against.


Vinyl wrap colors require a balance from one another.

Even though you can design your vinyl wrap to be any color(s) you’d like, it will be more effective to do so thoughtfully. Factors to keep in mind are color pairing, readability, and aesthetic appeal. Creating mock-up designs can help you visualize which colors will work best on the final product. Whenever you do make your final decisions, GameTime Wraps in North Little Rock can help you take the final step of getting the wrap installed.