How Do You Track Leads and Return on Investment From a Vehicle Wrap?

How Do You Track Leads and Return on Investment From a Vehicle Wrap?

You’re thinking about dressing up a company vehicle or fleet with full-color vinyl wraps. Soon, you’ll have moving billboards everywhere your team goes! But how do you know if that business investment will pay off? We’ve got some tips to track those leads and turn them into cash!

Plan Ahead

You’re already a step ahead of the game! Thinking about how you want your company vehicles to advertise for your business – and how to make sure it’s working – is a crucial first step. What action do you want your prospective customers to take when they see that shiny new vehicle wrap?

Think through your sales process and how you are currently capturing business leads. Whatever tools or techniques you choose, you want to keep your sales team (even and especially if you are the sales team) focused on closing – not complicate it with added tasks! Let your new lead magnet pull people into the funnels you’ve already set up.

Choose Your Tracking Tool

There are dozens of software and business solutions to help you track your sales process. Hardly any of them have a “Times Someone Saw My Vehicle Wrap in Arkansas” tool! To make sure you’re tracking the leads and return on investment created by your vehicle wraps, pick a solution that is:

  • Unique: Not just in the creative sense. You need to be able to tell that the leads coming in from your vehicle wrap actually came from your vehicle wrap! Pick a solution that sends potential customers to a specific place – whether that’s a new phone number, a custom landing page, or a social media hashtag!
  • Easily Reportable: When you’re evaluating return on the investment you made in a vehicle wrap, you want clear data that shows just how effective the calls to action in your design have been. Choose a tool that allows you to see exactly how many people snapped a picture, called a number, or visited a website – without sorting through dozens of spreadsheets or mining your sales software notes!
  • Easy to Use: You want something noticeable enough and easy enough to use that a lead can be generated from a stoplight. That means a simple, one- or two-step action someone can safely take from their car or in a parking lot.

A Few Ideas on How to Track Those Leads – For Free!

You’re already investing in a vehicle wrap – there’s no need to spend a bunch of money to tell how much money your initial investment is bringing in! Here are a few free ideas on how to track your leads and drive your return on investment:

  • Use a QR Code: Quick Response (QR) codes have come a long way in a few short years! Now, almost every phone automatically reads QR codes from the camera app. They don’t have to be black-and-white and they don’t have to be boring! Integrate a QR code and call to action (“Scan Here for…”) into your wrap design and direct traffic to your website. The unique code is trackable, easy to use…and free!
  • Use a Free Google Voice Number: Go premium for even more features, but there’s no reason a Google Voice phone number can’t work for you! Prospective customers can call or text the number – and you can track the results. Google Voice phone numbers can be forwarded to just about any cell phone, or you can take calls and see how many people have used the number right from your web browser.
  • Drive Traffic to a Landing Page: While you’re in traffic, you’re attracting potential customers straight to your website. Create a landing page that makes it easy for customers to request quotes or learn about your business. Stick with something easy and memorable, like

Turn Leads Into ROI With Gametime Wraps

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