How Are Vinyl Wraps Printed?

How Are Vinyl Wraps Printed?

Vinyl wraps provide enormous return on investment! Your car or fleet can transform into mobile billboards and advertising machines for your business with a relatively small investment in a matter of a few days. At GameTime Wraps, we produce all of our vinyl wraps in-house to provide the highest quality available and get your vehicles back on the road in no time. But how do we do it? Read on to learn how vinyl wraps are made and printed!

Start with a Great Design That Fits Your Vehicle

A great vinyl wrap starts with great design. Our professional team has years of experience designing vinyl wraps for vehicles of all types. But design means considering more than the dimensions and printable area of your car, truck, or trailer. A great designer will take measurements or consult a 3D model of your vehicle to make sure that the wrap design will translate over door handles, headlights and tail lights, windows, and other features of your vehicle. Nobody wants a vinyl wrap that creates an embarrassing moving part or warped photographic elements!

In fact, great designers will take into account the features of your vehicle and incorporate them into your design. Whether your wrap is designed to go over windows or fit around them, accentuate moving doors or center messaging so it’s never missed, your design should fit the vehicle it’s going on. 

At GameTime Wraps, our in-house design team helps every customer get it right – the first time! We can adapt your finished design or create a new design from scratch to create an attractive wrap that fits your vehicle – and your brand! – perfectly.

Professional Vinyl Wrap Printing

Once you have the perfect design ready to fit your vehicle, it’s time to go to print! Most vinyl wraps are printed in large sections to wrap your vehicle panel by panel. Seamless vinyl wraps require printed sections up to 72 inches wide! But using these large sections of vinyl allows for a single piece to cover every panel of your vehicle. Whether your print shop is able to print single panel pieces or creates a seamless look by aligning printed panels perfectly, professional installation is key. Our pro team at GameTime Wraps gets it right the first time – every time!

We print vinyl decals on the highest-quality materials available. As 3M Preferred and Lowen Certified vinyl professionals, we have the credentials and experience to produce the best wraps on the market. Our vinyl decals are printed on industry-leading 3M vinyl, which resists fading, protects against UV damage, and stands up to tough road and weather conditions. And our wraps are always printed in-house to the highest quality and clarity standards!

Laminate the Vinyl Wrap for Ultimate Protection

By using a laminating process, we ensure that our vinyl wraps provide the highest durability possible. A protective layer of lamination over your vinyl wrap will keep full-color wraps brighter and crisper for longer. The laminate layer also protects the vinyl from dings, scratches, and chips that can occur with lots of road time. This cold-press process is an added layer of protection for your business’s investment.

Call the Pros for Vinyl Wrap Design, Print, and Installation

When you’re ready to transform your business vehicles into rolling billboards and mobile advertising machines, call the pros at GameTime Wraps! We handle every aspect of your vinyl wrap’s design, production, and installation in house – so you don’t have to worry about long lead times or miscommunication. Our team can bring your vision to life with a sharp, full-color graphic design that perfectly fits your vehicle. Then, we print your vinyl graphics right here in-house to ensure that the highest-quality materials are produced with to the highest production standards in the business! Finally, we can install your vinyl wrap in as little as a single day to make sure your business keeps rolling without long down-times.

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