Food Truck Wraps

 Food Truck Wraps

When your business depends on high visibility, clear messaging, and attractive durability, you can’t afford to settle for less than the best. At GameTime Wraps, we’ve designed and installed nearly a million square feet of vinyl graphics and wraps on athletic floors, building exteriors, fleet vehicles, and – you guessed it – food trucks! As small business owners ourselves, we know how hard you’ve worked to build a brand. That’s why we provide excellent customer service and expert guidance from start to finish!

Full-Color Eye-Catching, Show-Stopping Design

Our in-house design team takes your brand seriously! Our designers are the best in the business – and they specialize in designing for vehicle wraps of all kinds. We know how to plan for windows, doors, seams, and other considerations – so you can keep serving up mean street food instead of turning into the butt of a bad-wrap joke. 

Our designers can handle any job. Whether you have sketches and mockups for your food truck or a list of ideas in your head, we can turn your dream into a delicious design! We balance form and function to build food truck wraps that draw your customers in and make it easy to enjoy everything on the menu.

New Food Truck Wraps

You’ve poured countless hours into planning your menu and building your food truck. Now it’s time to top it all off with a sweet food truck wrap that embodies your brand and takes the mad food game to the streets! We’ll help you design a new food truck wrap to help you stand out from the competition and line up customers all the way down the block. 

When you’re ready to kick off your food truck business, we’re ready to be your professional design and installation partners – and the ultimate hype squad for your dream! Kick your business off the right way with the industry leaders in vinyl vehicle wraps and hometown heroes of hype.

Replacement or Redesigned Food Truck Wraps

Whether you’re expanding to multiple food trucks, redesigning Old Faithful, or replacing a damaged food truck wrap, our team is here to help! We can help refresh your vision with beautiful design and get your truck wrapped in no time. Because we design, print, and install all of our wraps in-house, you’ll be back on the road serving up great food fast! 

Your business’s growth relies on eye-catching design – and your food truck is your storefront! Don’t let a scuffed, damaged, or dated food truck wrap give customers the wrong impression about the culinary delights you work so hard to provide. When it’s time to replace or redesign your food truck wraps, trust the pros at GameTime Wraps to give your food truck a well-deserved makeover. Our professional design team can help you incorporate elements of your current aesthetic or go back to the drawing board – literally – to create something new and fresh. Then, our certified installers will remove any existing wraps (without damaging the truck underneath) and wrap your food truck good as new!

Fast Professional Installation

“Time is money” has never been more true than it is for food truck owners and operators! Downtime can mean a lot of lost business, and long repairs or shop times can mean you might miss the biggest festival of the year! Don’t take your food truck to just any shop – bring it to GameTime Wraps. 

Our design, print, and installation processes all happen right here in our shop. That means you don’t have to drop your truck off until the wrap is ready for installation. Typically, we can get your food truck in and out of the shop in a single day! Our installers are certified and experienced in handling truck wraps of all shapes and sizes. So you’ll roll out your new food truck’s look in no time flat – ready for the big show!

Call For Your Free Consultation

GameTime Wraps is ready to join your hype squad and outfit your food truck with a show-stopping new look! From design to installation, we’ve got you covered. Give us a call today and you’ll get a free quote for design and installation of your food truck wrap.