Fleet Wraps in Little Rock

Traffic jams and long commutes are the worst – unless you can figure out how to use them to your advantage! Transform your business by taking advantage of the advertising opportunity they present with custom fleet wraps! Rule the road with your brand’s logo, website, phone number, and messaging with eye-catching, brand-specific vehicle wraps. 

Commercial fleet wraps in Little Rock can garner broader brand awareness, reach, and recognition. Whether you specialize in delivery, passenger transport, freight, or home services like landscaping and cleaning, your number one priority is to project a cohesive, easily-digestible, memorable message to your customer audience that creates an impression. GameTime Wraps has you covered!

What Are Fleet Wraps?

Fleet wraps are large vinyl graphics and decals that we install on the exterior of your business’s vans, trucks, or cars. You’re literally wrapping your cars with your logo and messaging, creating uniformity and a cohesive branding message. This can be an especially helpful tool if your fleet is comprised of mismatched vehicles of different sizes, colors, makes, and models. Fleet wraps in Little Rock can transform cars, vans, and trucks into identifiable company vehicles, no matter what they look like.

What Do Fleet Wraps Look Like?

Fleet wraps can take up a small portion of a vehicle – the hood of the car, or the front driver and passenger doors – or they can cover the entire vehicle. The materials are custom fabricated for your company fleet so you don’t have to worry about premade, unprofessional-looking logos with clashing colors or misaligned fonts. 

The best fleet wraps do more than label your car with a logo – they relay your company’s values, give a sense of its personality, and speak to your target audience in an eye-catching, memorable way. From a catchy, well-placed tagline to a visual catalog of products and services, fleet wraps can help your brand grow and gain name recognition. 

Are Fleet Wraps Cost-Effective?

Because fleet wraps last for up to seven years with proper maintenance, they’re an excellent advertising investment. According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA), fleet wraps are the lowest cost-per-impression of any type of advertising.

Depending on your location and the vehicle routes, you can get an ROI 30,000-70,000 views per day – that’s about $0.04 per thousand views. Try to beat that with billboards, TV ads, or radio.

Why Fleet Wraps?

Fleet wraps take your marketing on the road, and with Americans spending more time than ever in their cars, you have a lot to gain from taking advantage of this time they spend en route. Don’t believe us? Check out the stats:

  • 26 minutes – the average commute for Americans one way (much higher in many cities)
  • 37  miles – the average distance drivers travel each day
  • 90% – the number of people who notice and read media positioned toward them on a drive
  • 2 out of 3 – consumers who say brand familiarity is a significant factor in how they make purchasing decisions

Fleet wraps are a cost-effective, memorable strategy for converting passive eyes into paying customers. Feet wraps can also:

  • Improve the appearance of older or worn vehicles
  • Make your company appear more professional, credible, and cohesive
  • Unify the appearance of your vehicles
  • Mark your vehicles unmistakably as belonging to your business

And while painting or airbrushing your vehicles accomplishes the same goal, vinyl wrapping is less expensive and easier to update or change.

Fleet Wraps Are the Advertising of the Future

While we’re still a little while off from self-driving cars dominating the streets, the technology is there. It sounds like science fiction, but self-driving cars and AI mean that passengers will become less and less focused on driving and more able to look at what’s around them and process that information. This is the perfect environment for advertising with a vehicle wrap! It’s a billboard on wheels that you only have to pay for once. 


Are Fleet Wraps Easy To Apply?

Fleet wraps are a combo of high-resolution images and text printed on a large sheet of vinyl. The vinyl is formulated specifically for auto-installation and is treated with a protective laminate and the finish of your choice. Installing fleet wraps in Little Rock is a relatively easy process:


  1. You’ll finalize your design and the graphics will be printed in panels on car-friendly, adhesive vinyl.
  2. We’ll treat the vinyl with a laminate layer for protection against dirt and debris and to protect the colors from fading in the sun.
  3. We’ll prep your car before applying the vinyl – this involves a thorough wash and a chemical-based rinse that removes any lingering oil, grease, wax, or dirt that may interfere with the adhesive.
  4. Panels are attached to the clean vehicle one at a time. We always pre-mark and arrange the panels before installation to prevent mistakes and speed up the process. 
  5. A final inspection is completed after installation to make sure everything aligns properly and then you’re ready to go! 

How Long Does Fleet Wrapping Take?

Printing and laminating the panels takes about three to four days depending on the size, colors, ink, and level of detail required. Installing the wrap takes another few days for individual cars and service vans. When we’re tackling a whole fleet, that will lengthen the timeline somewhat. 


If you’re interested in fleet wraps in Little Rock, contact us for a free quote! Our certified technicians and top of the line equipment ensure that your fleet wraps look sharp and last for years.


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