April 1, 2019

Everything You Need to Know about Auto Wraps and Pricing

Chances are, you already know a few things about auto wraps, like the fact that they are not necessarily cheap.

At least, the upfront cost isn’t pocket change cheap. Although they do make a great long-term investment, dishing out a few thousand bucks for auto wraps can make you question whether or not it is going to be worth it. While we think it is (those monthly advertising costs quickly add up versus a one-time payment), it’s easier to get behind the initial cost when you know what you’re paying for and why it has such a hefty price tag. We believe in being upfront and honest about our work, so we’ve rounded up everything you need to know about auto wraps and pricing.


Auto wraps are priced according to:

There are multiple factors to be considered when pricing an auto wrap, but some of those include:

  • Its size (is it a full or partial wrap?)
  • The size of your vehicle
  • Exterior features of your vehicle
  • Features of the wrap itself (is it a solid color? many colors? will it include graphics?)


Each individual wrap is unique and therefore, will be priced accordingly. There isn’t always a one-size-fits-all answer on pricing, but there are definitely minimum and maximum ranges to look for when seeking an estimate from an installer. You can always request a quote based on the specs of your vehicle and the wrap you are wanting, in order to narrow down the price range you should expect.


If you’re looking for an average price range:

On average, the standard price range of auto wraps starts at about $2,500 and upwards to $5,000. Obviously, the larger your vehicle (like an SUV or large truck), is going to cost more than a smaller car or van. Additionally, the type of wrap you get plays a role in pricing, such as chrome, metallic, textured, matte, etc. These variables are the deciding factor on cost and what you can expect to pay.


If you are wanting to stay on the lower end of the budget, but aren’t sure what that would mean for your final product, don’t be afraid to ask questions. It’s likely that some features of your auto wrap are going to be more important than others. If there is a way we can help you achieve your wrap design by omitting unnecessary features that will raise the cost, we will do so! We just have to know what you are looking for and what you’d be willing to sacrifice in order to stay in the realistic price range you’re comfortable with.


Know the difference between budget-friendly and cheap:

The truth is, auto wraps are an investment with an average price tag of a couple thousand dollars. If someone is willing to install a wrap for you that is going to cost a lot less, chances are you’re going to end up with a low-quality product. High-quality wraps will last you many years; with proper care, they can last you a lifetime. Everyone wants a good deal, but make sure you’re aware of what is budget-friendly versus what’s just cheap. You always end up getting what you pay for.


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