Does Wrapping Your Car Affect Insurance?

Does Wrapping Your Car Affect Insurance?

There are some wild misconceptions about vinyl vehicle wraps out there. Some people think that applying a wrap to a vehicle automatically makes it a commercial vehicle (false) or that wrapping a vehicle makes it a target for theft and burglary (also false). One of the biggest misconceptions involves auto insurance rates and the insurability of your vehicle. Of course, your auto coverage and insurance specifics are highly dependent upon who covers your vehicle in the first place. But, here, we’ll offer some advice on how best to handle insurance concerns for your wrapped vehicle.

Will Wrapping My Vehicle Increase the Rate?

Adding vinyl graphics to your vehicle is just like any other customization, like adding aftermarket features or a premium audio system. That said, wrapping your vehicle should not cause your insurance rates to rise. Insurance rates are generally based on risk factors inherent in your driving record and the make and model of your vehicle. The only potential for your rate to increase is if your insurance company or agent re-quotes the vehicle in a different color. If your vehicle goes from white to red, for instance, and the insurance company increases rates for red cars – you might experience a slight increase. Generally speaking, however, wrapping your car (in any color, finish, or design) should not increase your rate. If it does…well, shop around!

Should I Tell My Insurance Company About My Vehicle Wrap?

Yes. Just like the customization options listed above, a vinyl graphic wrap adds value to your car and may need to be replaced if it’s damaged in an accident of any kind. You should send your insurance company or agent a copy of the invoice for the wrap job, including information about the vinyl wrap manufacturer and shop that applied the wrap for you. You should also let your insurance company or agent know that the vinyl wrap is fully removable and designed to protect the paint and finish underneath. Finally, take photos of your wrapped vehicle from the front, sides, and rear for reference if you need to get a quote on repairing or replacing it in the future. Keep a copy of all of these documents for your own records.

Especially if you’re wrapping a company vehicle – or a fleet of company vehicles – your insurance company or agent will need to add the vinyl wrap(s) to your auto coverage. This can go a long way to protecting your investment from accidents and protecting you or your business from financial damages. Make sure your vinyl graphics are made and applied by vinyl graphic and wrap professionals at a reputable business who can provide the proper documentation and work with insurance companies if your wrap needs to be replaced after repairs following an accident.

Depending on your coverage, the cost of replacing your wrap may be included in any insurance payment in the event of an accident. If your car is totaled or seriously damaged, the insurance company may cover up to the full cost of your wrap. But, of course, your insurance company or agent can only help you with replacing a damaged wrap if they know about it! Be sure to talk with your insurance company or agent about how this coverage works for you and your vehicle. 

Do I Need a Commercial Insurance Policy for a Wrapped Vehicle?

What kind of insurance policy you need for your vehicle depends on the purpose of the vehicle and your insurance company’s policies. If you’re wrapping a personal vehicle with a specialty finish or custom graphic, the wrap itself will not force you to purchase a commercial policy. If you’re wrapping a vehicle that is split between personal and professional use, however, the situation might be a little more complicated. Generally speaking, the wrap itself will not cause your vehicle to switch from personal to business – that will depend on how the vehicle is classified elsewhere. Consult your insurance company or agent for how best to keep your vehicle covered.

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