Does wrapping a car decrease its value?

Does wrapping a car decrease its value?

For Sale: Fully-wrapped company vehicle with a giant mosquito and phone number on the side. Who wants to buy that?! It’s true that wrapped vehicles aren’t incredibly popular in the resale market – but does that mean that wrapping a car decreases its value? Absolutely not!

Wrapping a Car Can Protect Its Resale Value

In fact, wrapping your car could have the opposite effect! Resale value depends on lots of factors, including:

  • Mileage
  • Upgrade Options
  • Leather or Cloth Interior Condition
  • Mechanical Condition
  • Paint Color
  • Exterior Paint/Finish Condition

Those last two have a bigger impact than you might think. In fact, the color of a car can impact its resale value by as much as 12%! And nothing makes a bigger visual impact when you’re trying to sell your car than the condition of its exterior paint and finish. Trying to sell a car with faded or patchy paint? Good luck!

Wrapping your car can have two big effects on its resale value.

First, you can plan ahead by purchasing a white car and applying a high-quality adhesive vinyl wrap to promote your business or even simply achieve the look and texture you desire. White cars tend to hold their value better than vivid or unique colors like gold, purple, hot pink, or neon green. Other colors that help maintain an attractive resale value include black and silver. Why does a car’s color matter if you’re going to wrap it? That leads to the second big effect wrapping your car has on its resale value:

Protection. Wrapping your vehicle in a high-quality adhesive vinyl wrap (such as the 3M products we use at GameTime Wraps) can protect its paint and finish over the life of the wrap! A vinyl wrap might not protect against major damage from accidents or other incidents, but it will protect your car’s paint and finish from wear and tear. Wraps can protect your car’s paint and finish from fading and other effects of prolonged UV and sun exposure. They can also protect against minor abrasions – like the ones that come with lots of time on the road! Some wraps even include coatings to enhance this protection both for your full-color graphic vinyl wrap and the paint underneath.

Remove Your Wrap When It’s Time to Sell

Professional application of your vinyl wrap is crucial to protecting its resale value. The wrap will protect your car’s paint and finish while it’s applied – as long as it’s applied professionally! When you’re ready to sell your vehicle, you can return it to the shop where the wrap was designed, printed, and applied (hint: GameTime Wraps) to have the wrap removed. A professional team of vinyl wrap technicians can remove your wrap without damaging your car’s underlying paint and finish and leave your car looking brand new!

Wrapping a Car Is More Cost-Effective Than Painting

In addition to protecting your car’s resale value, wrapping your car with a high-quality vinyl wrap will prove to be much more cost-efficient than paying for a new paint job. Whether you’re preparing your car for the resale market or you’ve just purchased it, consider the costs:

  • A high-quality paint job can cost $4,000 to $8,000. Discount paint jobs might cost you $1,000 to $3,000 on the front end – and a whole lot more when you have to take it back to a real paint and body shop to get it fixed or repainted.
  • A high-quality vinyl wrap or decal job (including professional design, printing, and installation) can cost $500 to $4,000. Vinyl wraps offer you the ultimate in customization – and could provide opportunities for a tax write-off and other benefits.

And consider the durability:

  • A high-quality paint job can last up to ten years and will need to be repainted or repaired before resale.
  • A high-quality wrap job can last up to seven years and can be removed to reveal a like-new finish before resale.

The choice is clear: if you plan to resell your vehicle after its time in service – to your family or to your business – a vinyl wrap can be your most cost-effective option!

When It’s Go Time, It’s Gotta Be GameTime

If you’re looking for more advice on protecting the resale value and professional look of your vehicle, look no further than GameTime Wraps! Our professional team of designers will help you capture the perfect look for your vehicle and create an eye-catching, show-stopping rolling billboard for your business. Our certified professional vinyl wrap techs have installed hundreds of thousands of square feet of vinyl wraps on vehicles, in sports stadiums, and all over town. Call us today for your free quote!