Common Myths About Vinyl Vehicle Wraps

Common Myths About Vinyl Vehicle Wraps

Outdoor advertising isn’t limited to billboards. In fact, businesses all over the country are learning that mobile advertising is far more effective! Trends, tricks, and gimmicks come and go, but vinyl vehicle wraps are here to stay. As more and more brands take their ads to roads – getting their messaging in front of more people right where they are – we’re busting myths and setting the record straight on vinyl vehicle wraps. Learn from the pros how you can make the most of your vinyl vehicle wraps and leave these myths in the dust!

Myth: You Have to Own (Not Lease) a Car to Wrap It

Fact: Your business can almost always wrap leased vehicles. 

Many businesses and professionals choose to lease vehicles so they can cash in on tax benefits that come with leasing vehicles versus depreciating the value of a purchased vehicle over time. The terms of your lease will spell out whether or not you can apply a vinyl car wrap, but leasing companies know that vinyl car wraps are safe for all paints and finishes (more on that later). You can wrap your leased vehicle in sharp full-color company graphics and have the wrap professionally removed before you return the vehicle at the end of the lease. Leased vehicles should be returned in the same condition they were in when you leased them. With vinyl vehicle wraps, you don’t have to worry about any surprise costs for damage. The paint and finish underneath your vinyl vehicle wrap will be good as new!

Myth: Vinyl Installation is So Easy Anyone Can Do It!

Fact: A professional vinyl vehicle wrap job prevents damage and presents a professional image. 

You might feel comfortable slapping a new bumper sticker or stick-figure family to the back of your car – but leave the vinyl wrap installation to the pros! You want to project a professional image and make sure your mobile advertising is working overtime for your brand. At Gametime Wraps, we handle all the details – from design to application. You can trust your brand messaging to our professional designers and installation team. You won’t have to worry about damage to your vehicle or unsightly (and expensive) mistakes during the application process. At Gametime Wraps, we get the job done fast – and we get it right the first time. Don’t take a chance on a DIY nightmare!

Myth: You’ve Got to Cover the Whole Car to Be Effective

Fact: Partial wraps and vinyl decals can help spread your message! 

Sure, the image that comes to mind when you hear (or read) vinyl vehicle wraps might be a flashy full-color full-car wrap, but that’s not your only option! Depending on your desired design and brand message, partial wraps or even vinyl decals can get the job done. Choose a vinyl vehicle wrap company with an in-house design team that can help you pick the right look for your vehicle or fleet. Professional designers can help you avoid embarrassing graphics before they go to print and use negative space in your designs for an even more attractive look! Whether you’re looking for a full-vehicle wrap, a partial wrap, or vinyl decals or lettering, go with the pros at Gametime Wraps to rev up your advertising. 

Myth: Vinyl Wraps Damage Your Paint and/or Finish

Fact: Vinyl installation professionals can make sure your wrap is installed and removed with no damage to your paint or finish.

Bonus fact: Vinyl vehicle wraps often help protect the paint and finish underneath. When the professional installation team at Gametime Wraps removes the vinyl from your vehicle, you’ll find the paint underneath looking brand new. Protected from sun damage and even some of the wear and tear of constant road time, your paint and finish are safe and sound. There are no adhesives or chemical agents used in the vinyl wrap process that might harm your vehicle’s paint job, and you can rest assured that your vehicle will roll out of the shop just the way we found it!

Get the Facts (and a Sweet Vehicle Wrap) from the Pros at Gametime Wraps

Whether you’re looking for more information or you’re ready to take your advertising game to the next level, contact us today! We’ve installed almost a million square feet of vinyl on vehicles, sports floors and arenas, and building interiors and exteriors. Trust your vehicles – and your business – to the pros at Gametime Wraps.