Can You Polish Scratches Out of Vinyl Wrap?

Can You Polish Scratches Out of Vinyl Wrap?

If you have a vinyl wrap – or are considering applying one to your vehicle – you might be worried about what happens if your vinyl gets scratched or scuffed. Can you buff or polish out minor scratches and scuffs like you do with a traditional paint job? Not quite – but never fear! Vinyl wraps are easy to maintain and can even be easily repaired if you experience a scratch that penetrates the vinyl.

How to Deal with Scratches on Vinyl Wraps

If you notice scratches on your vinyl wrap, the best thing to do is take it back to the shop where you wrap was installed and see if they can repair the wrap at low or no cost. If you’ve already tried that – or just aren’t going to take your car in for a minor scratch on the vinyl – read on to learn how to deal with scratches on vinyl wraps. Can you polish scratches out of vinyl wrap? Sometimes.

If the scratch is superficial or the scuff is just paint from whatever scratched your vinyl, a thorough wash and polish could take care of the issue. Be sure to clean your vinyl wrapped car with clean water and soap and a car-friendly, lint-free sponge or cloth. Take care around the scratched or scuffed area and see if the superficial scratch or scuff will wash off. Once the car is clean, feel the scratched or scuffed area to see if the offending item or surface scratched through the vinyl itself. If it didn’t, you can probably hand-buff the affected area back to a healthy shine. Take care not to use buffing machines or abrasive cleaning products – especially around the affected area. Otherwise you could finish the scratch job by tearing through your vinyl wrap!

If the scratch is deeper than superficial, you might actually need to apply a vinyl patch. Resist the urge to rub wax or other fillers into the scratch as the offending solution might actually make the damage worse! Thoroughly clean the affected area, removing any vinyl shrapnel or small vinyl pieces. Clean and dry the affected area again, ensuring there are no moisture droplets or particles on the wrap or car itself. Apply the patch according to the instructions, allowing it to adhere to a clean, dry area and giving time to dry and settle. Of course, it bears repeating that the best way to repair your vinyl is to take it to a shop and let the professionals do the work right – the first time.

Polishing Your Vinyl Wrap

If you do decide to polish your vinyl wrap – with or without repairing any scratches or tears in the vinyl – make sure you’re using approved cleaning agents, towels or sponges, and polishes. If you can, avoid the scratched area of your car or take extreme care when polishing the area. Introducing chemical agents or any kind of moisture to a scratched or torn area of vinyl – especially if you buff it in – can push moisture into the vinyl rend and weakening the adherence of your vinyl! 

Vinyl Repair or Replacement by the Pros

If you’re trying to polish scratches out of vinyl wrap or perform an at-home repair job, you might be spending a lot of time and money only to turn around and spend more on a professional repair or replacement that you inadvertently made worse! Properly repairing or patching vinyl takes tools most people just don’t have sitting around the house – like heat guns and special trimmers that fit the patch perfectly into place. 

When it comes to keeping your vinyl car wrap looking its best and in fighting shape, don’t mess around. Bring your car to the pros at GameTime Wraps for a fast, easy repair or replacement job! If you have major damage, we may even be able to help you get the repair covered by insurance. For any wrap job, big or small, bring your car to GameTime Wraps – and get it done right the first time!