Can a Boat Be Vinyl Wrapped?

Can a Boat Be Vinyl Wrapped?

You’ve seen vinyl wraps up and down the road – on cars, trucks, trailers, buses, and more! As the summer months approach and time on the water beckons, you might be wondering: Can a boat be vinyl wrapped? Whether you’re seeking to advertise on the lake or outfit your fishing boat with sponsor logos and a sharp new look for tournament season, you’re in luck! Boats can be vinyl wrapped just like other vehicles. Here are a few reasons to wrap your boat before you hit the water this season.

What Kind of Boats Can You Wrap?

Vinyl wrapping works anywhere – from a small fishing boat to a megayacht! You can even apply vinyl to boat interiors, furniture, and decks to achieve any look you want. Party barges, ski boats, sailboats, kayaks, canoes – design a wrap or get help from the pros to make any boat look sleek and water-ready. Vinyl professionals (like our team at GameTime Wraps) can help you from start to finish so your boat wrap job comes out perfectly the first time!

Vinyl Wraps Protect Your Boat

With a traditional paint job, you’ll find yourself continuously buffing, polishing, and maintaining the finish of your boat. Time on the water can be tough on paint, but vinyl wraps stand the test of time. Soap and water with a non-abrasive brush is all you need to keep your vinyl looking like new after every run! Especially if you’re running a charter or rental fleet, vinyl wraps make keeping your boat factory fresh a breeze between every use. 

Not only are vinyl wraps easy to clean and keep looking brand new, they better protect your boat from UV rays that can fade and even flake paint on certain boats over time. Vinyl wraps help you avoid costly annual maintenance on your boat’s paint job and last up to seven years – just as long as most high-quality paint jobs. Vinyl wraps also protect and preserve the paint and finish underneath – keeping your boat’s original paint free from fading and the minor knicks and scratches that come with time on the water.

Vinyl Wraps are More Cost-Effective

Marine paint jobs most often use a several-coat process involving linear polyurethane, which is not only expensive but requires a lot of labor hours to complete. Depending on the size of your vessel and complexity of your wrap job, vinyl wraps cost between 33% and 66% of a traditional marine paint job. But lower cost doesn’t mean lower quality – vinyl wraps last just as long as a traditional marine paint job without the constant skilled maintenance to keep the boat looking factory fresh. 

Vinyl Wraps Get You Back on the Water Faster

Once your boat’s surface has been prepared, the vinyl wrap can be applied quickly and easily by our professional team. While traditional paint jobs can take months to complete, the vinyl wrapping process happens in a matter of hours. If your boat experiences a bad docking or rowdy sandbar scrape, repairs are faster and easier with vinyl wraps, too. Whether you need a section of the wrap repaired or the entire thing removed and replaced, your boat will be on the water light years ahead of a traditional marine paint job.

Vinyl Wraps Are Completely Customizable

When it comes to getting exactly the look you want, you need a vinyl wrap! Whether it’s a complex design or a clean sponsor layout, you can create a vinyl wrap that includes eye-catching graphics and allows for beautiful digital design. And you don’t have to do it alone! At GameTime Wraps, our full-time design team will help you create something awesome.

Call GameTime Wraps to Wrap Your Boat

Vinyl wraps are more cost-effective, easier to maintain, faster to install, completely customizable, and protect your boat – unless you try to do it yourself and have to start all over again! When it’s time to wrap your boat – whether you’re on a tournament circuit or run a fleet of rental vessels – it’s time to call in the pros. At GameTime Wraps, we’ve installed hundreds of thousands of square feet of vinyl on boats, vehicles, buildings, and sports floors all over. Trust your boats to the design and installation professionals – contact us for a free consultation!