October 19, 2019

Best Vinyl Banners | Design Tips

At Gametime Wraps we do more than just vehicle wraps. We help our clients with smaller advertising materials like banners and yard signs. Vinyl banners are a great way to showcase your brand, get the word out on a new sale, and so much more.

The trick is designing one that will have the biggest impact on the right customers. 

Here are a few vinyl banner design tips from the team at Gametime Wraps. 

1. Placement.

Where will your vinyl banner go? Choose a design that will be readable from that distance. Don’t forget to take the background into consideration when choosing a design. 

Like any advertising sign, your banner needs to be designed for the people who are most likely to see it. The letter sizing, colors, and contrast on your banner should all take the viewing distance and background into account. 

The letter sizing should take into account how far away your audience is. For example, messaging with a letter height of 10” is best for an audience less than 500’ away. 

Sound confusing? We can help! The design team at Gametime Wraps will help you determine the best letter sizing based on placement. 

We also take the background into account. Your banner needs to stand out from the surrounding elements it is placed in. Busy sidewalk? Stay away from beige colors that match the sidewalk. Trees? Use the green and the shade to your advantage.


2. Branding.

Is your banner on-brand? Your banner’s messaging needs to stand out and communicate clearly. This doesn’t mean you need to abandon all the design elements associated with your brand. Find a balance that is both eye-catching and fitting for your brand. 

Strong branding is almost as important as clear messaging. Viewers should see the banner and know right away, without reading, that the banner belongs to your business. This is much easier if your vinyl banner is going to be placed inside your store. You have a little more freedom. If your banner is going to a trade show or outdoor event, however, it needs to have strong, recognizable brand elements. 

Keep the lettering simple. Even if your brand is used to more artistic fonts, you want a font that is easy to read in a split second. The usual choices are common fonts like Helvetica or some form of Century Gothic. 

Match the banner to the rest of your business materials by using your brand’s contrasting colors and perhaps a graphic. Pictures, if used correctly, are eye-catching and a great way to stay on-brand without compromising the readability of the banner. 


3. Messaging. 

What is the most important message you want to get across? The copy you put on your vinyl banner is key. It needs to get your message across in as little words as possible. Your audience may only give your banner a glance. If your banner has the right messaging and the right design to stand out, that glance could turn into an impression. 

Designing a banner for a promotion? Keep it short and to the point. The most important aspect of the promotion is what will be most beneficial to your customers. Big letters saying “sale” might seem overused, but it is a good strategy. After you have your audiences’ attention, they will be more likely to read the other copy on the banner with more details.