Are Car Wraps Illegal?

Are Car Wraps Illegal?

Car wraps and mobile advertising offer some of the best investments you can make in visibility for your business. Advertisement that goes everywhere you do has a much higher exposure rate and much lower cost-per-thousand rate than any other channel or vertical. When you’re investing in mobile advertising in the form of car or fleet wraps, though, you want to be sure you’re keeping inside the letter of the law. Here’s how to take advantage of mobile advertising without drawing negative attention from law enforcement officers!

Car Wraps: Legal or Illegal?

Generally speaking, vinyl car wraps are completely legal in most areas. While some states or cities might have restrictions or regulations on car wraps, it’s safe to say that car wraps are legal just about everywhere. Before you commit to a car wrap investment, however, check with local authorities to make sure that your city allows advertisements on cars and see what restrictions they might have. While it’s rare, some cities (like San Francisco) ban advertisements of any kind on vehicles. 

Avoiding Legal Trouble with Your Car Wrap

While car wraps are generally legal just about everywhere, there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure your car wrap doesn’t get you into legal trouble. Keep the following in mind when investing in your car or fleet wraps:

Don’t Block Visibility of the Road

Full car wraps including window coverings make for a sleek, sharp look and provide more space to get your message across. Many vinyl wraps offer perforated window coverings as an option to make sure you can see out of your windows while incorporating them in your car wrap design. Many states and localities, however, do not allow for any covering over the windshield, and some restrict what can be used on the back glass. These restrictions are to ensure that your view of the road is not obstructed. Consult with your car wrap professionals or local authorities to make sure you’re familiar with local restrictions on what can be displayed – and how it can be displayed – on your windows and back glass. 

Register Your Vehicle(s) Correctly

You’re converting your vehicle(s) into mobile advertisers for your business. In many states and localities, that means your car, truck, van, or trailer might need to be registered as a commercial vehicle. This change in registration could affect how your vehicle is taxed and what kind of insurance you need to carry. Check with local authorities, your tax professional, and your insurance agent to make sure your vehicle is registered correctly and covered in case of an accident or disaster.

Other Regulatory Considerations

Even if there are no restrictions on car wraps and mobile advertising in your community, you might not be in the clear! If you live in a neighborhood with a Homeowners’ Association (HOA), check with an officer of the organization to make sure there are no requirements or restrictions on mobile advertising in the neighborhood. Even if the HOA doesn’t allow mobile advertising or car wraps from being parked on the street or in driveways, you can usually still keep your vehicle in a garage or under a car cover to satisfy the rules. 

In addition to checking with your HOA, make sure there are no local restrictions on parking for cars with advertising wraps on them. Generally, parking rules restrict where a person can park a mobile billboard on a truck bed, not where a wrapped vehicle can be parked. And while these infractions usually don’t carry any kind of criminal repercussions, they can result in fines or parking tickets. Better safe than sorry!

Professional Car Wraps from GameTime Wraps

When you’re ready to make the best advertising investment for your business, contact us at GameTime Wraps! Our trained and certified vinyl installation technicians make sure your car is in the best hands from start to finish. When you trust your car or fleet wraps to our team, a professional designer will work with you to make sure that your car wrap looks great – and follows all the rules! Contact us today for a free quote!