Sept. 6, 2018


When you get a vehicle wrap on your company car, driving instantly becomes a marketing technique.

From point A to point B, there’s a guarantee that someone will at least see your company’s logo plastered onto the side of your vehicle. While that may bring in some phone calls, you should make sure you’re getting the most out of your vehicle wrap. By familiarizing yourself with these four effective marketing techniques, you can generate interest on and off the road, taking things to a whole new level.


1. Tie in Your Vehicle Wrap with Social Media

Social media can be great for business for two specific reasons: it’s free and everyone is using it. Even grandma. Have some fun with your vehicle wrap by tying it with a special offer that you promote online. For a limited time, give a small discount or host a prize drawing to anyone who snaps a picture of your wrapped vehicle while it’s on the road. This will give people a reason to physically visit your business and give you an opportunity to lock in a long-lasting business relationship.


2. Scope Out Marketing Events

Use your vehicle wrap to socialize and stand out at marketing events, such as trade shows, fundraisers, or community events. It can be the centerpiece of a booth to attract attention or used in an interactive way to sell products (think trunk-sales). A large vehicle is going to stand out against any booth, simply because of its size. That gives you great leverage to start conversations with potential customers and clients.


3. Reach Multiple Demographics

Most of the time, advertisement channels have to be carefully selected in order to reach the most people within your target demographic. Think about it. If you are trying to reach a younger audience, a newspaper ad is not going to be very effective. The great thing about vehicle wraps is that a lot of different audiences will see it since we all get in a car at some point. With strategic design, your wrap can appeal to many different groups.


4. Think Before You Park

Usually, when we park, it’s because we’re trying to get the closest spot to the place we’re going into, or maybe hurrying into the driveway so we can finally be home. With a wrapped vehicle, parking can become an effective way for you to market your business. Draw attention to the location of your business by parking in front of the storefront, to enhance visibility. Make use of free parking lots, and leave your company vehicle parked there overnight. This will give a chance for passersby to see what’s being advertised on the wrap and maybe even give you a call.


Let GameTime Wraps help you be seen, on and off the road! Effective marketing can be expensive. With a one-time investment for a vehicle wrap and a little creativity, you’ll soon realize that your business can benefit from a wrapped vehicle in many different ways. Give us a call at 501-771-9727 to speak with someone about how we can help you!