Aug. 15, 2018


Choosing to promote your business with an auto wrap will always bring benefits, but sometimes, it can be your company’s most effective means to advertise due to special circumstances.

If that’s the case, then you’ll want to take advantage of this mode of marketing. GameTime Wraps is able to serve anyone in the Central Arkansas area, which means we’ve run into a lot of different reasons as to why our customers wanted a wrapped vehicle in the first place. Here are three examples as to why an auto wrap is an especially good call for your business.


1. You have no distinct office.

Some fields of work don’t require customer interaction on a daily basis. Think about cleaning services, website creators, or landscaping work-what these all share in common is that there isn’t necessarily a need for a distinct office space. There are still times when these companies need to meet up with their clients, but these meetings take place in casual settings, like coffee shops or over lunch.

What better way to still represent your brand than by showing up in a vehicle with an auto wrap? You want to make your business visible while ensuring that your customers know they’re working with a trustworthy company. Anyone can show up in an unmarked vehicle. An auto wrapped vehicle makes you look legitimate, reputable, and professional.


2. Your business isn’t visible from the road.

Flashy roads signs can be great at attracting customers, but when your business isn’t in view from the road, or easy to see, then that sign can be a hit or miss. A vehicle with an auto wrap parked near or outside of your business can be the marker a potential customer needs to locate your building. It can be stressful and downright frustrating to drive in circles through a parking lot just because we can’t find where we’re going. Auto wraps are great for mobility, but they also do good when your vehicle is parked in a convenient spot.


3. Driving is part of the workday.

Does your workday consist of hours on the road? Driving can feel like a waste of time during the business day, but when you’re publicizing your brand with an auto wrap, you’re making every second count. The purpose of a wrapped vehicle is to let the masses see it. It can help generate phone calls, walk-ins, and general interest. The more you drive, the more people you reach.

Auto wrapped vehicles can play a huge role in generating visibility for your business, no matter what your situation is. But like we said, sometimes they’re one of the best ways to advertise your business, depending on what your circumstances are. The ability to have an advertisement that can be relocated, driven around, and taken wherever you go, can really help your business grow. Next time you find yourself looking for a marketing tactic that will work, give us a call at 501-771-9727. We can help your business be seen from anywhere that you’re going.